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Karen Anne LaPointe, a psychologist with 40 years of clinical experience, has been in private practice in Oregon since 1980. Prior to that, she taught Psychology in the graduate program at the University of Georgia and in the undergraduate program at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Trained eclectically, she is comfortable with a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches including humanistic, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive behavioral, family of origin and EMDR. In addition to her clinical training, she is also a graduate of the Cllaritas Institute for Interspiritual Inquiry where she completed a two year program in interspiritual mentoring. She is a member of Spiritual Directors International.


As the heart makes its journey through life, it encounters many challenges. Some happen early in life where the desire for connection and the need for love meet obstacles such as absence, neglect, loss, or abuse. Sometimes the challenges come later from encounters with rejection, illness, trauma, or life experiences involving loss of significant people. These experiences can cause pain and suffering which can continue to reverberate through the person’s life diminishing the capacity for joy, happiness and fulfillment. The heart in an attempt to protect itself from pain can shut down or set up defenses which interfere with the person’s ability to live fully.

Psychotherapy can help the person understand and overcome the injuries that have blocked their growth. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief and stress related problems are a few of the problems that Karen treats. Additionally she deals with issues of codependency, sexual abuse, parenting problems and marital conflict. She sees adults, couples and adolescents..

Spiritually Directed Psychotherapy:

In addition to traditional psychotherapy, Karen also offers what she terms Spiritually Directed Psychotherapy. As in psychotherapy, treatment focuses on healing the emotional and psychological issues that are bringing the person into treatment. In addition, where appropriate, the spiritual significance of what is happening is also examined. In this approach, a broader view is taken where the challenges and difficulties are also looked at in terms of how they are providing spiritual growth and discovery.

Interspiritual Spiritual Direction or Soul Friending:

Spiritual Direction, or Soul Friending, is the companioning of another on their inner journey of deep listening to the voice of Spirit in their heart and life. The Soul Friend creates for the directee a sacred space and provides a place of support and deep reverence for the friend’s exploration of their connection with the Divine. It is a place of sacred listening. The Soul Friend supports the friend’s accessing of their own deep inner wisdom and the receiving of guidance. Additionally they support the friend’s spiritual life and practice.

As a soul friend, Karen supports and has deep respect for whatever faith tradition the person brings. She is comfortable with a variety of faith traditions including Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism and Native American Spirituality (primarily Lakota). She herself follows a Native American path. While, interspiritual is a term that can be understood in different ways, she uses it to refer to the mystical connection with the Divine that underlies all faith traditions. Therefore interspirituality crossects different faith traditions and is not limited to any one. A faith tradition is not necessary for spiritual direction or soul friending, only a deep desire to connect with Spirit and a willingness and desire to receive guidance.

Soul friending is the listening for the voice of Spirit in the friend’s life. While the friend may feel called to discuss the psychological and emotional issues that are arising in their life, the focus of soul friending is not on the ameliorating of these issues but on how they lead back to Spirit. Karen wishes all who visit this site love, healing, health and happiness. Mitakuye oyasin.